Andrea’s Top 6 Style Must Haves

Public Speaking was my least favorite subject in college simply because of being reserved and just all sorts of feelings you get (you know what I mean) as you deliver your speech.


Last Sunday, I together with Mary Kay were invited to conduct a seminar on “Image-Building and Cosmetics Tutorial” and here’s how my talk went.

Good afternoon everyone!!! Hi! I’m Andrea Miñoza, a fashion blogger and this is the first time after college that I get to present what I know in front of a crowd, so please bear with me *laughs a little*.

Back in high school, my mom would always remind me to buy things that I’m not only going to wear on special occasions but also on a day-to-day basis for two reasons. One is for me to not have a hard time with pairing them up and two, if for me to save money.

So without further a-do, I now present you my TOP 6 of all the style essentials based on experience that helped me during college and now that I am working, which can be worn either on a day or night with family and friends.

One of the items that can make one look classy and chic at the same time depending on it’s style or materials used would be the blazer.


For example, a well-tailored black blazer can be worn for the office while blazers with sequins or glitters for night outs with friends and pastel colored ones for lunch outs.


Up next is the ever famous LBD or the Little Black Dress.


This piece of clothing is a favorite simply because it can be styled in different ways depending on the accessories. It can be worn as a simple dress, with a skirt or with leggings if it’s too short. Here is an example of how I styled it! I gave it a twist with a skirt and pearls for accessories.


One of the things that I notice, when you have a big bag you have that tendency of putting everything in it (it’s like your whole closet is in it). It is not advisable to bring a big bag especially now that Christmas is just around the corner because it’s more prone to getting snatched.

6thpageA year ago, I had a blog opportunity with Fujifilm Philippines and I had no idea what to wear since it was my first time to have a meeting with a brand. So, I went with a pencil skirt since it would be boring to wear slacks.


Pencil skirts create more shape so go for a pencil skirt! The picture on the left was what I wore to that brand meeting. *points at the slide*


Now this next must have is an alternative to black shoes.


2 years ago, my friends and I walked for Glorietta Vibe and they advised us to wear this kind of heels. Back then, I wasn’t really a fan of nude colored ones since I got used to wearing black but it all changed when I saw this picture.


Nude colored heels elongate your legs more not just with the heels’ help but with the color too. Tip, if you’re not comfortable with wearing heels, go for wedges. Choose a color that matches your skin tone or something lighter than that and you’re good to go! Now, this next must have is very important.


Yes, you could wear a blazer, or a pencil skirt or any style essentials out there but without this, it’s nothing. Why? Because it reflects. Think about it. It’s not just for other people to see you as this kind of person, but it’s also for yourself.

There you have it! My Top 6 Must Haves! I do hope that you learned a thing or two.


Please do visit my blog at Thank you!!!!


There you have it my dear readers! 🙂 I finished my presentation (explanation with 14 slides of Powerpoint) in 10 minutes I guess? I lost count. It wasn’t that long but it was straight to the point. It’s something that I learned from speakers invited by my alma mater.


Thank you so much for this opportunity Superfriend and PCJ-CYA!!!! It’s still surreal for me and typing this post reminds me of how nervous I was haha! Seminar off my bucket list! 😀 #amgoals


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