Waiting For Autumn

One of things I take into consideration when I dress up (be it for events, work, or get togethers) is the weather. It is extremely unbearable at times when you want to wear a certain outfit you’ve already planned on for years with a very unpleasant atmosphere.

Now that Christmas is only a month a way, daylight hours get shorter, leaves on trees change color and fall to the ground (just like in other parts of the world), and nights get cooler.


Top: Topshop | Shorts: Forever21 | Blazer: Rustan’s


Out of the 4 seasons there are (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), the kind of climate we are experiencing through November-December sums up Fall.


Imagine whipping out your favorite sweaters and boots, enjoying the condition it brings (no need to worry about sweating or your make up melting), the color of the leaves creating beautiful scenery as you walk through for work or your favorite coffee drink.


Ahhh lovely isn’t it? Are you going to wait and look forward to that season?


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