How To Clean Your Brushes

Now that you know what brand of makeup suits you and the tools you’ll be needing, You do know that you should also wash those brushes aside from removing your makeup before going to bed to avoid breakouts. Here’s a tutorial on how to clean them just in time for celebrating the new year!


Soak your brushes in warm water with shampoo (I used Aveeno’s as it’s only mild) for 10 seconds and you’ll see something in just seconds


See how dirty they are? Gross right? After 10 seconds, rinse the brush tip on running water. Repeat steps until the water in the cup gets clear.


Leave them on a cloth or tissue paper to dry.

And there you have it! Simple steps to a pimple-free face and to brushes that will be good for years! 🙂 How often do you clean them?


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