A is For..

Approximately, there are 6 more hours 2 minutes to go before 2014 comes to an end. Before we bid it goodbye, one of the things I guess we should do is to reflect on what happened in this year be it good or bad. We all experienced being betrayed, having our hearts broken, but you see these are all blessings. Why? These things really do happen in life that we need to face in order for us to know that we do not deserve less but the best. In these times, we get to see who really cares and who doesn’t. That these things happen in order for us to grow. Yes, I know it’s something we all don’t want to go through because really, who does? Once you have let go, and have accepted it, everything will fall back into place and the good things arrive. You may be promoted in work, having the car, house, or bag you’ve always wanted and saved for, or with your family in different parts of the world.


With the bad comes the good and as I look back on how crazy this year went, I must say, it’s really one rocky roller coaster ride. I was not only able to see and know who people (family, friends) really are around me, but I was able to know myself more (strengths, weaknesses, capabilities). 2014 taught me that things do not go as planned because God’s plan is always better than that. People will come and go and it’s either they are a lesson, a blessing, or both.

2014. A year that is, soon to be a year that was. It may be the best and the worst year. Let us let go of all the hatred, anger, and the people who crushed, hurt or abused us behind. Change what is needed to be changed. Learn to appreciate and accept so we can move on. Remember to forgive, but never forget how you were able to go through it.

It’s going to be a new year. A time to start again. Here’s to a new hope, a new chapter, and a better YOU. Happy 2015 everyone!!! 😀


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