How To Wash Your Makeup Sponge The Right Way


You’ve seen my tutorial on cleaning your makeup brushes on this post and this time around, I’ll be showing you how you can take good care of another tool that makes blending easier than ever — Makeup Sponge. This will also help in saving money if it can still be used anyway. Ready? Here we go! image First up, have a small cup or bowl with half water and heat it up for 20 seconds. image Pour your liquid soap or mild shampoo into the warm water following the sponge as shown below. image The mixture is then being absorbed hence it cleans the inside part of the sponge too (the advantage and importance of using warm water). See the water turning to that? Imagine the dirt you apply on your face when you don’t clean them. Yikes!!! Now time to rinse with cold water! Repeat the steps if necessary. image Let your sponge dry and say hello to a cleaner makeup tool that’s ready to enhance you once again! 🙂


7 Replies to “How To Wash Your Makeup Sponge The Right Way”

  1. That’s a super smart idea. I usually just let the water in my sink heat up but I like that idea much better. I really need a blending sponge like this. I still use the old school ones haha.

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