Ways To Get Over A Breakup

I’ve talked about most of my personal life intermittently, especially in my old blog. As I started this new platform, I promised myself to keep my personal life private since there is a thin line between the two as a blogger. This post is very personal and I’ve thought about posting it and saving it as a draft repeatedly and it’s somehow weird to be recalling those times yet again, but hey! Writing about it helps.

I won’t be mentioning his name but he and I were classmates back in college. After a year and 4 months of being together, he decided to put an end to it. It left me with no words. I thought my world was going to end. If there’s anyone out there who is going through what I went through, I hope that this post will help you.

1. Cry it out. The pain that you are feeling makes you human and those tears are meant to fall. Never mind if it’s going to make you ugly for a bit, at least you got it off your chest. He once told me that crying was only for the weak but screw that. It only means that you’ve been strong for so long. I cried while in church, while my friends were comforting me. Days and nights, I would cry. I didn’t mind waking up with swollen eyes. I cried during office breaks. I never wanted to hear people mention his name. I wouldn’t even want to go to places we’ve been to or restaurants we ate at even if the food’s delicious. I would listen to sad songs that would make me even more depressed. Eventually, I got tired.

2. Surround yourself with love ones. It’s true what they say in times such as this, you’ll know who your real friends are and for that I am grateful. My cousins just giving their say and advice is just hilarious because I wasn’t used to hearing the things that they have told me (knowing that they are younger than I am). Just being with them made me forget about the situation. Little by little.

3. Pray. The time where I already had a feeling that it was going to lead in that direction, I would visit the church after work. I would pray for everything to go back to the way it was. After the break up, I did the same thing. I prayed for God to give me the strength as I move on, and answers to my questions.

4. Don’t be in a relationship too quickly. You don’t want your next boyfriend/girlfriend to be a rebound. He/she doesn’t deserve to be one. You’re not only hurting them but yourself too. Give your heart a break. Focus on yourself. Heal. The right love will come at the right place and time. Just wait.

5. Hope. Sooner or later someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. Chin up. There are brighter days ahead.

And that’s how I got by. 🙂 Have you experienced getting your heart broken? Share them away and you might be helping people too.


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