Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

3 more days to go and I’m pretty sure there are guys out there who are still trying to find out what they can give their crush or special someone on Valentine’s Day. Allow me to share my scheme that’s sort of different from the usual.

  1. Red Roses shaped like a heart. Instead of going for the usual flowers on a vase, why not opt for something like this?
  2. Your girl’s dream bag. Surprise her with that and I’m sure she’ll love it! In all honesty, who wouldn’t?
  3. Ring. If you have plans on proposing to her on the said day, place it inside a balloon with confetti and then let her pop it. Just be sure you are on your knees so when the balloon pops, you’ll be able to catch the ring. Don’t do it of course when it has diamonds on it! 😉
  4. MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. If your girl is into makeup, she deserves this shade. It is MAC’s best seller!
  5. Macarons. Alternative to chocolates and cupcakes.

Goodluck!! Have fun this Saturday and I hope nobody gets their hearts broken! ❤


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