Things That Surprised Me In Japan

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There are a lot of things I love about Japan and I am sharing with you things that surprised me (aside from their techie toilets) during our stay.

1. Vending Machines

20150411_081540 - Copy - Copy (2)

From streets to train stations to airports. They are in every corner!


2. Trains

20150411_211820 - Copy - Copy (2)

20150411_204233 - Copy - Copy (2)

Taxis are very expensive in Japan so the best way to commute is by train. It is very confusing and challenging at first since traveling by train here in Manila is different in terms of transferring from one train to the other in stations but you’ll get used to it after a day.


3. Eyelid Tape

20150411_212534 - Copy - Copy (2)

One of the things I found in the cosmetic store at Tokyo Station. I heard about this in one of Michelle Phan‘s tutorials and when I saw it up close, it made me say “Coooool!! They do really exist!”. They make your eyes appear bigger.

20150411_212452 - Copy - Copy (2)

4. Google Play/iTunes Card in Family Mart

20150411_224424 - Copy - Copy (2)

I couldn’t believe that these were being sold at Family Mart! I thought they only sell food and drinks (since that’s what they do here) but Japan’s looked like a bookstore too! They have stuff from UNIQLO even power banks!

20150411_224459 - Copy - Copy (2)

5. One lane for escalators/stairs 

20150411_221752 - Copy - Copy (2)

One of the things I wish was implemented everywhere! It’s a pet peeve of mine to see people walking by threes or by fours (that feeling wherein they just want to block the entire road and they even take time walking as if they’re in the park). As a courtesy, people in Japan stay on the left side whenever they go up or down the escalators and stairs so that people who are in a hurry can pass at the right. Kudos to that!


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