A Guy’s Perspective: 10 Things Women Need To Know

Most of my articles are written from a girl’s side and I guess it’s time to take a break on that. In behalf of the boys/guys/men out there, VIVA’s new talent, Philip Olayvar shared his thoughts.

What we hate:

  1. Flirting with other guys
  2. Doesn’t make time for you
  3. Doesn’t appreciate your efforts
  4. They are RUDE
  5. When we fight, they talk to different guys

What we love:

  1. They are caring to EVERYONE
  2. When they make time for you
  3. They are SIMPLE
  4. Presentable to friends and family
  5. Supports you.

After knowing those things from him, I realized that both parties have things in common after all. We all want someone who will stand by our side no matter what, who will love and care for us, and someone who will not hurt us in any way. Do you agree?

Photo By: Pam Miñoza

Styled By: Andrea Miñoza


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