The Sacrifices You Make When You Already Have A Job

Let’s face it. Challenges and setbacks arise in our chosen careers and even if we don’t want to deal with them, we have to accept them in order for us to have growth.

I have listed down 4 things you may have to sacrifice for the love of work.

  1. Buying what we want for the things we need. Compulsive shopping days are gone. It’s a matter of weighing things down. You may want to buy clothes but you gotta pay the bills. Tip: You’ll know the value of money when you’re the one working for it.

  2. Hours of sleep. Remember the days when your mom would tell you to go to bed in the afternoon but you don’t want to? Now that you’re all grown up you’d wish you were that kid again.

  3. Social life. Night outs with your friends on weekends will be replaced with you at home watching your favorite TV show. There will come a time wherein you just want to shut everybody out for alone time.

  4. Family outings. It’s not easy to ask permission from your boss for leave especially when you have deadlines set on the day of your outing. Hard thing to take right?

People would say that it’s all about priorities but for me, it is about finding balance. 🙂


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