Grilled S’mores Sandwich


I’m not really a morning person. I’d rather sleep during weekends than to have breakfast which is not good and in order to break the bad habit, I decided to make myself sandwich. Grilled s’mores sandwich! You too can make one with just 4 ingredients!

First, make sure that the pan is hot for the butter and the marshmallows to melt. While waiting for it to heat up, spread the marshmallows and nutella on two slices of bread. Now that the pan is hot, add the butter and place them in.


Flip until both sides are golden brown. Slice it up, enjoy, and don’t forget to drink water. Do take note that you use the microwave for this too.

It’s one messy snack but hey, you”ll be loving it that eating one in a day is not enough! 🙂


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