3 Struggles Bloggers Go Through

Some people think that being a blogger is easy peasy but I am here to tell you why it’s not. I have listed 3 things a newbie or a professional blogger encounters and how to cope with them.

  1. Creating a post when you’re out of ideas.

Ideas come everywhere but there are just days that no matter how focused you are, you just feel disconnected and uninspired. Hence, writer’s block. What to do? Take a break. Take all the break you need and you’ll be surprised after.


2. Deciding whether you should hire a designer for your blog or not.

One of the reasons why I transitioned to a different platform was because of the nice templates It’s hard to decide when resources are very limited and there’s no doubt about it. If you are like me, who’s torn between spending and sticking with the themes, sees one then changes it the next minute, don’t fret. You just need to be patient. Out of all the designs there are, you’d find one that would suit you and your blog.

_MG_0459 2

3. Finding your voice.

There are thousands of bloggers out there from different countries, niches, and perspectives but with one main goal. We all want to be heard. We just need to know how we can stand out without stepping on anybody. 🙂

_MG_0457 copy copy


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