The Wilkes Group: Longchamp x Evian Giveaway

Taking care of my skin especially my face has always been my priority. People would always ask why I’m not into sports or adventurous like my sister and it’s because of that. I didn’t want to get any scratches, wounds, or bruises. I even hate the sticky feeling you get when you’re out during the day that Evian’s Facial Spray became my best friend even if a can costs around $20.

                     30F1xMxS6aP6gOTafljN_backpackhat       LVKD8eyvQ3W8AIiwJLf9_pochette

The Wilkes Group which distributes the Evian Facial Spray since 1978, is giving away a Longchamp “Le Pilage” backpack with Evian sprays for the grand prize and 3 runner-ups will also receive a Longchamp pochette toiletries case with a trio of travel sized Evian sprays. Good deal right? You can win those just by filling up the form.

This giveaway is sponsored and hosted by The Wilkes Group


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