3 Beauty Products That Will Help Rejuvenate Your Skin When You’re Out

A year ago today, I was invited to give a talk about Image-Building which I also shared in this blog and it still gives me that excitement whenever I think about it as sharing what I know in front of a crowd has always been in my bucket list. This time around, I am making a list of the 3 beauty products that will help not just the girls but boys too in making the skin feel fresh when you’re out especially when dealing with weather issues. Let’s all admit it, we all want to look good specifically when we’re around the people we admire or love for extra points, so girls, boys, women, men, here it is.. 😉

  1. Facial wash. Never use regular soap when washing your face as it can cause dryness. Rinsing out with just water won’t remove the dirt on your face. Remember, oily skin, pollution, and dead skin cells will not only make you look dull but will also give you zits.
  2. Evian Facial Spray. This small bottle (also available in a bigger size) I have shared in this post. It’s a bit pricey but if you want to get an instant refresher and wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom and use the facial wash, this is for you.
  3. Facial Wipes. I recommend Gatsby’s Facial Paper Super Refresh Type! I bought it in Japan and it eventually became a favorite. It’s a perfect alternative to the Evian Facial Spray and the facial wash. The only downside of facial wipes, is that they dry up easily. Girls, this one is perfect for removing your makeup too.

Taking good care of your skin reflects the kind of personality you have. With the beauty products mentioned above, which one’s your favorite? How do you treat your skin when you’re about to see your friends or when you’re about to have dinner with your special someone? Share them below! 🙂


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