Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: DIY Style

12 more hours to go and I’m sure you guys are not yet done with your list and you’re running out of ideas already. Stress no more, for this post is just for you!

This Christmas, I decided to give out these mason jars filled with cookies I ordered from our family friend, to my officemates and the team I am with for a special project in Church.

The cool part about giving out these jars as presents is that you can fill them up with almost everything.

Let’s say, chocolates or if the person you’re going to give it to loves makeup, you can fill it up with MAC lipsticks or for the guys, if you want to surprise your other half, use it as a vase for flowers. Plus it’s something that can be used for the home too. You can turn them as centerpieces with candles or make them as lanterns.

If the mason jars are with the handles, you can turn it up into a mug and or to make it more fun, make a small hole on the lid and add up a straw.

I hope this post helped! 🙂 Where and how will you be spending your Noche Buena and Christmas? 🙂


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