Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival

Hello 2016!!! Kicking off the new year with the experience of being a kid all over again, thanks to Disney On Ice!

Growing up with Disney movies, memorizing their songs, and even collecting toys, would always bring so much memories to me. I remember how watching the fireworks in front of Aurora’s castle brought me to tears when we were in HK Disneyland a couple of years back so imagine my excitement when I knew we were going to see them perform!

Just a heads up, I will be flooding my Instagram account with photos and videos I took yesterday afternoon, so if you’re following me, apologies haha.



The main hosts for the show, Mickey and Minnie Mouse 🙂

_MG_0652 (2)

_MG_0686 (2)

Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of your world




Beauty and The Beast for me has the greatest love story. It explains that love should not be based on the looks itself but what’s in the heart. Do you agree?




_MG_0778 (2)


The kids screamed the loudest when it was time for Elsa to sing “Let It Go” and parents were singing along too!


_MG_0797 (2)


_MG_0805 (2)

Belle will always be my favorite Princess ❤


Aaaaaand that’s a wrap!!! Hands down to this show! Great props, great costumes, great cast! This inspired me to actually take skating lessons! I’ve wanted to try it out last year and I’m actually considering to add it up on my list of what to do for this year. Let’s say, it’s time to do something new?


4 Replies to “Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival”

  1. it will be better if final fantasy characters alongside with the other disney characters will be there

    im still waiting for the announcement of “World of Frozen” and “World of Wreck-it-ralph” in kingdom hearts 3 in ps4, “World of Big Hero 6” already announced within the game.

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