What “On The Wings of Love” Taught Us

On The Wings of Love (better known as OTWOL), the top-rating Philippine TV series starring James Reid (Clark) and Nadine Lustre (Leah), ended last Friday and the series finale wasn’t ordinary! The directors sure made the OTWOListas all over the world scream and extra happy when they revealed the big surprise nobody ever imagined! Let’s not forget the night when JaDine admitted their real relationship status during the JaDine In Love Concert! (Kung mahal mo, isisigaw mo sa Araneta!) It was indeed a night and finale to remember since the last two weeks have been giving us major tears and heartaches.

In all honesty, I’ve never been this addicted on a Filipino series. I love how each episode would have a lesson or two that I made a list for us to keep in mind and inspire us at the same time.

OTWOL taught us that family should always come first. Remember why Nanang went to San Francisco in the first place? Why Leah left Clark to work in Dubai? It’s because they wanted what’s best for their family. No matter how far their work was. No matter what the situation may be, family should always be your number one priority.

OTWOL taught us to set the people we love free if the feeling is not reciprocated. OTWOListas got upset when Simon came into the picture but let’s all admit it, there was also a point when we were in his shoes. We wanted that someone to love us back even if they don’t or can’t. No matter how we force it, we know at some point, we have to learn to let go and move on for his/her happiness. Remember that we should never settle for anything less than what we deserve.

OTWOL taught us to dream big. Opportunities for careers only come once and when they do it’s a chance for growth.

OTWOL taught us to say what we really feel or forever regret it. Yes, I am talking about Thursday’s episode when Leah went to the airport to stop Clark from leaving for Paris. I am sure I wasn’t the only one hitting on pillows when Clark couldn’t hear Leah or when he wasn’t answering his phone and when he did, woooooohooooo!!! Leah finally admitted her true feelings after 2 years since their breakup! She proposed for the second time around because she doesn’t want to regret it anymore but then Clark said no because he was the one to propose to her! KILIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!

OTWOL taught us to live for the moment. To just stop thinking of the past and what’s bound to happen in the future.

OTWOL taught us to never assume. There’s this episode 2 weeks ago when Leah thought Clark was going to propose to Angela but it turned out that it was Jigs. Never assume so you won’t get disappointed.

OTWOL taught us to forgive and not let pride win over us. If Tatang Sol, Manang, Leah, and Clark were able to forgive the people who hurt them, so could we.

Lastly, OTWOL taught us that destiny doesn’t always decide everything. It only gives us a little push in a right direction. We decide if it’s worth fighting for and worth waiting for.

Pag mahal ka, babalikan ka.

Weeknights will never be the same and I know if you’re an OTWOLista, you feel the same way too since the show gave us kilig vibes for months #sepanx. However, we shouldn’t fret because there are a lot of projects this year for JaDine . Congratulations to everyone behind OTWOL!!! ACHIEVE!!!! #TeamReal ❤

Featured image © of melomagic and is used with permission


4 Replies to “What “On The Wings of Love” Taught Us”

  1. I honestly didn’t watched the series but saw some episodes and I must say, the show is really good and those you mentioned above are so accurate and are really applicable in our daily lives .

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