Comfy Workwear

It’s the third day that I’ve noticed how unbearable the weather is which just simply spells out summer and I’m thankful that everyday is casual Friday at work. However, it doesn’t only mean denim jeans.

Below are a few essentials for all you casual work wear ladies:

White Blouse – You can easily pair it up just like black ones but doesn’t absorb the heat that it gives you cool vibes. It’s a classic item that never goes out of style.


Black Bag – I have noticed that I’m becoming obsessed with dark colored bags especially black ones since it’s easier to pair up with. My mom would always tell me how heavy it is as almost everything in my closet’s inside. Whoops.

Coats/Blazers-make your outfit more sophisticated!


Cropped Pants – Great alternative for shorts. I do love the one I own because of the fabric, how it makes you feel comfy, and of course the style. It is somehow similar to the pants over here.

Flats – One of the things everybody will notice in women who wear very high heels is how they’re uncomfortably feel when they’ve been walking for hours, thinking people wouldn’t notice that they really want to wear flats already. Girls, that’s just a no no. If you can’t wear it, don’t force it. You’ll only suffer and humiliate yourself. You can also be stylish with wearing flats.

_MG_0871 (2)

It’s about blending in the kind of work environment you are in but also standing out in your own way. What’s your go-to casual office outfit? Share ’em away at the comments’ section and I’d be happy to hear ’em! 🙂


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