Tips For Doing Hair Color At Home

You know it’s time for a retouch when the color’s starting to fade and when the color looks unpleasant. Last month, I noticed my hair color’s showing up signs that I have to schedule an appointment with my stylist already but was too busy to and so to save time and money, and since I just wanted to tone it down (Remember if you’re going for a drastic color or of you’re going to have it bleached, go to the salon and have it done. Yoi don’t want to mess it up), I decided to do mine at home last week.

Here are some tips if you’re going to do it by yourself at home!

Do pick a brand you can trust. I’ve been using L’oreal’s Excellence cream whenever I do mine at home simply because the kit is easy to understand.

Do run a skin test before trying it out on your hair. Allergic reactions may occur.

When picking a shade, choose how the color turned out from the hair samples not on the model’s hair color on the box.

Make sure that you have all the things you need. If you have long hair, go for two bottles. You don’t want to run out in the middle of application. Also, you don’t want the hair color to stain on your clothes. I suggest a dark colored towel or plastic bags for your cover up. I used this plastic cape that I bought from Daiso which included the shower cap, hair color brush, and the gloves.

Do follow the instructions included in the box. If it says, you just need to leave the hair dye for this period, follow it. You don’t want to burn your hair.

Section your hair for easy application. Doesn’t matter how many hair pins you use.

Lastly, mix the hair dye well. You don’t want one area to turn out different from the other.


Have you tried doing yours at home? How did it turn out?


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