What’s It Like To Buy From The Kids’ Section In Your 20s

Buying clothes and shoes from the kids’ section is something one is somehow embarrased of especially when they are in their 20s already. Why? Let’s just say people expect them to grow up and be an adult. Other people would even tease and judge them like it’s their fault.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I know what it’s like. I do ask for my size at the kids’ section and the salesperson would think who it is for and somehow make it a laughing matter. People close to me would do it too which is disappointing.

I always have the struggle in finding the right pair of shoes in the style I like and it’s luck if it fits so it’s either I look for an alternative, I ask my aunt if she could find it in the states or I have them custom made even if it’s going to cost a lot.

See, buying stuff from the kids’s section ain’t bad. You’ll be able to save money since they are cheaper and the styles are cuter too. Plus, it makes you feel younger! 🙂

Have you ever bought something from the kids’ section?


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