MINISO Japan’s Lifestyle Brand + Haul

My sister sent me an article regarding MINISO and we were sure that we wanted to try and see the brand ourselves that we scheduled it up last Saturday. The brand opened its first store in the Philippines last June 17, 2016  and it’s like a combination of MUJI + Daiso + UNIQLO. I noticed that some of the products that I saw on their social media accounts weren’t there anymore. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

The first thing we noticed in the store were these selfie sticks. Love how they have them in cute colors!

They have cute mini bags! If only these came with a brown one, I’d definitely get one.


One of their face masks

Have you tried this already?

My haul!! 🙂

MINISO PH is located at Robinson’s Place Manila, 2nd level Padre Faura wing. You can visit their social media accounts for updates.


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