K-dramas Perfect for The Long Weekend

Long hours at work, traffic, stress, are some of the reasons why we look forward to the weekend. If you’re following me on my social media, you would notice that I post the Koreanovelas I watch or the Kpop I listen to as it is how I distress.

I have rounded up the Koreanovelas you can watch this long weekend:

  1.  Oh My Venus – It may be old but it’s one of my favorite Koreanovelas! My sister suggested this to me and I got hooked! I love the chemistry in this story. Watch out for episode 13!
  2. Tomorrow With You – Another series starring Shin Min Ah ( yes she’s from My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and Oh My Venus too) . This got my heart broken into pieces in every episode.
  3. Lovely Love Lie – As a music lover, I love Joy’s voice and role in this show! 
  4. Ms. Perfect – This got me curious when I was watching KBS World on my tv. It’s a story about a girl who’s so obsessed with the guy she loves. I’m supposed to tell you guys the plot but I don’t want to spoil it. 
  5. Goblin – Good reviews here and there made me watch the series but actually stopped on the second episode but reconsidering since I want to know what will happen to their love story.
  6.  My Secret Romance – The episodes of this is not yet done but it’s about a very rich man who’s like a playboy and suddenly changes because of Yoo Mi.
  7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – The Koreanovela that got your social media crazy for the past week after it was confirmed that Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are officially dating!! Swwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeg!!!
  8. Love in the Moonlight – Not yet done with this Kdrama but it’s already giving me that excitement!
  9. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon – My cousin recommended this to me and my sister was watching this over dinner. Still on the second episode but I’m starting to have a crush on Ji Soo.

Well, there you have it! Just some of the Koreanovelas I recommend for you to watch this long weekend! Have you seen some on the list? What do you recommend? Comment it down below! ✌


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