How I Dress Up For The Season

A couple of years back, I was interviewed for my sister’s school project and was asked how I pick the clothes I’m going to wear for the day and I said there are 3 factors that I consider – the weather, event, and my mood.

During hot weather, I mostly aim for t-shirts and shorts or like this top from Adore Me. I wear natural makeup during this season by using pressed powder, a little blush on, and my go-to shade for the season, Taupe from MAC.



Layering and putting my boots on will be a favorite during cold weather. It’s comfy but stylish. I also keep things light for my makeup but sometimes switch the Taupe with Diva, my go-to dark shade from MAC just to add a little bit of color but still not overdoing it with the eye area to balance things out.



Makeup I’m wearing: Loreal liquid foundation, little bit of pressed powder from MAC, MUMUSO brow pencil and K-Palette brow powder, blush on from Japan, Maybelline mascara and liquid eyeliner, ItsJudyTime x PIXI eyeshadow, Taupe lipstick from MAC

What are the things you consider when dressing up? How do you put your makeup on? Leave ’em on the comments section below! I’d love to hear it!


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