A Taste of Home

I was browsing through my feed’s Instagram story and a friend of mine posted an app she’s using to design rooms. At first I thought I will be able to finally create a closet (wanted to find an inspiration for my dream closet which I have written in a separate post in this blog) but wasn’t the case.

Back in high school, I’ve had this mind set that I’ll have my own place or have my own car by the time I have a job but now that I do, priorities seem to disagree. I envision how my future house will look like or the brand of the car I’ll be buying to keep myself motivated in order to achieve that long term goal and with that I finally had it installed. 

The app is called Design Home. You can create as many designs you want as long as you have enough keys, cash and diamonds (you can also buy uh ohh I know) to purchase furnitures or borrow from a friend who’s also using the app. 

The photo of the living room I designed just recently by far is my favorite. I wanted the vibe of the room to be simple yet classy. Something relaxing after a long day at work. 

How come the cabinet on the corner doesn’t have anything on top of it you may ask? It’s because the decor that I want is not on the list. 

I wanted to place a digital frame with photos of the special people in my life in it to complete the look. ❤ 

So there you have it! I hope I was able to inspire you through this post in my own little way! 🙂 


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