Andrea Miñoza

Breakout Philippines: Escape Room Experience


If you were stuck in a room and you have to connect the clues in order to get out but with only 45 minutes to complete, will you be able to escape?

Last week, I received an invite to try Breakout Philippines in Greenbelt 5 (newest branch with 4 rooms – Accidental Agent, Paranoia, The Island, and Corpse Bride).  The goal of the game is to get out of the room in 45 minutes and to make the experience more fun, I brought my friends with me!  They booked 2 rooms for us which made us even more excited since it’s our first time!

Before the game started, Gab instructed us on the Do’s and Don’ts while inside the rooms. We left our things in the locker and were given blindfolds. Dundundunduuuuuun!!

The first room that they let us try was Accidental Agent.

Highlight in this room for us, will be the locks and the clues!

Corpse Bride was the room they had us try after and it’s our favorite! 😀

Everyone got busy trying to find the way out and then we just heard our friend scream! Surprise!!! It was epic!

As much as I would want to tell you guys what we did in detail on every room, I wouldn’t do so since I don’t want you to be spoiled! This is perfect not just for team buildings but for hangouts with family and friends too!

We planned and solved puzzles as a team, but were we able to escape the rooms? Find out on the vlog!

Breakout Philippines has 4 more branches and the rooms are different from one another. We do plan on trying out Hush and Hide & Seek in their Paragon branch! You can check them out on their Facebook page or visit their website for more details!

Thank you again for the invite Breakout Philippines!!! We sure had fun!!! 😀