What I Could Have Changed In College

Staring, trying to get my thoughts straight but can’t help but think of the what could have beens as I listen to this sad song.

Parents would always want what is best for their children. They will tell you what and what not to do, what career you have to take because it is for your future. 

I have always wanted to take a course that is related to arts. Back in high school, I was under the Arts section (sections were classified into four: MedSci, PhySci, Business,Arts). I had that “Oh I’m not going to college I’m going to Hollywood and be a star) mindset and it’s funny now that I’m thinking about it cause that’s how easy I thought it was. 

I took up nursing for a year and then took up IT. Regrets on the career change? No. Regrets on the school? Somehow. 

Looking for a job after college wasn’t easy. Some would look at what school you graduated from which was unfair. I pretty much started from the bottom when I had my first job. Things for my career were starting to get better on my second job and even better now on my third. 

Enough of the what ifs as things are starting to make sense. I may have not taken a course that is related to performing arts or fashion but hey! All that matters is that I still do the things I love even if I have a different career. 

Always remember to love what you do and do what you love. ❤


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