What You Should Do Before 2016 Ends

2016. Where do you even begin? You’ve probably had a bumpy road somewhere in the year but be reminded that these things not only teach us a thing or two but are also a blessing.

Before the year ends, do be grateful. You might have landed the job you’ve been praying for, gained new friends, reconnected with the old ones, went around the globe with your family, your long time boyfriend might have proposed, or you met someone who turned your frown upside down.

Before the year ends, do forgive yourself. It is how you will heal. It is how you will be able to move on.

What Is Andrea Doing Besides Working?

A question that some people are asking since. Well, besides going to work and being an adult, hanging out with my family, watching koreanovelas or tv series, and blogging, I now update my Youtube channel (when I feel like it) which I have created back in 2011 with vlogging!

Yes, I finally had the courage to do so haha! I still find it awkward especially when recording in public places. I get the what-the-heck-is-she-doing stare and I know if you felt that too if you have your own channel.

I have done some Q&A back in my previous platform so I thought why not do one up on the vlog too.

What do you wanna see up on the vlog? Leave them on the comments below! 🙂