Love. Hope. Faith

Back in my high school days during our english class, I was asked by our teacher what I would do if I had 1 million worth of money. I answered saying I would give half to the poor and the other to my family. Growing up, I’ve always wondered how one would be able to help out a charity. There’s just something about helping that makes you see life differently. Nowadays, you can share your part through feeding programs, giving out old but still usable clothes.

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SuperSale Holiday Bazaar Giveaway: CHANGES x FVC (CLOSED)

Christmas songs are usually played in some malls or radio stations when SeptemBER begins. There are people who are excited and wish that traffic would not be that crazy this time around (we all do know for a fact that it would be impossible since everyone’s busy buying gifts especially when it’s the last minute kind). One of the things I love about the holiday season has to be shopping. Not only are there big discounts from stores or other promos but the bazaars (in all honesty, 2000 pesos would go a long way when you spend it in bazaars)! Continue reading “SuperSale Holiday Bazaar Giveaway: CHANGES x FVC (CLOSED)”